Wise Ramblings?

Um maybe. I choose to name the blog here something other than ‘blog’ because blog seemed boring. I am generally a lot of things, but boring is rarely one of them! I have worked hard on getting this site up and ready for launch, I wanted to move my blog posts (the whole 2 that were worth moving) from my personal site (marnienickelson.com) so I had to call it something. Ramblings was my first choice (since I am a well known rambler), but I thought maybe no one would even bother to click on it and read it if it sounded like it was just me blathering on about nothing. (to be fair, that may be all it is!) Anyway I took into account my new brand, my fancy smancy logo and added a “Wise” before it to make it sound like there was actually something to offer in these posts. I hope that eventually there will be loads of useful (wise even) information in these posts, but for now you get re-published posts from ages ago, and a not so wise rambly post from me. Sorry about your luck.

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