I haven’t updated my website in a million years, but it is time to let the ‘business’ websites go and just focus on the personal. I don’t really have time to do freelance work anymore as I work at a ‘real’ job more than full time.

I am going to try and update this more often, get back to writing a bit. I would LOVE to write a book some day… yeah in all my ‘free’ time! If you found this website for a reason, you can find me personally and professionally the following ways:

Twitter: @MarnieNickelson
Email: Marnie.Nickelson (at) Gmail.Com (personal) or Marnie (at) OwnYourBI.Com (professional)
Phone: 231-690-6131 (Cell Number)

I am no longer doing freelance work as I simply don’t have time, but I do some business/tech consulting. Of course for website work, software development, or programming assistance you can always contact me through my new job! OwnYourBI.com